Best Father’s Day Gift for the Whiskey Loving Dad

June 3, 2020

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Ryan Vet

With just weeks before Father’s Day 2020, you may be scratching your head for the best gift to get for the whiskey loving dad. There is nothing that says I love you like the perfect whiskey gift. While you may know your dad’s favorite bourbon or scotch, you may have a hard time finding it in the store. When you try to find whiskey online, you quickly realize that you cannot have it shipped to many states.

Now you’re left in a pickle. Since there are just a few weeks left to get the perfect gift for the whiskey lover, you need to think fast. Here is a gift guide for the whiskey loving dad this Father’s Day.

Best Whiskey Club for Dads

What better way to get dad the perfect whiskey gift than to get him a whiskey subscription. With that, I recommend Flaviar. Flaviar has a vault of epic whiskey selections. Whether your dad fancies bourbon, scotch, rye or something in between, Flaviar has it. Despite the vast selection of high-end booze, my favorite part is the tasting boxes. Flaviar members can purchase tasting boxes. These boxes come with three or four test tubes of whiskey. So, if you are unsure which whiskey will make the best Father’s Day gift, look no further. A Flaviar Membership gives your dad access to the whiskeys he loves. Simultaneously, it opens him up to taste a whole new world of delicious spirits.

Modern Whiskey Glasses

Though many whiskey glasses are iconic, they may be a bit traditional. Some whiskey loving dad’s are a bit more modern and like a bit of edge with their class. My favorite whiskey glasses come at an incredible price. For only $17.99, you can get a set of show-stopping rocks glasses. Traditionally, I prefer round bottomed glasses when I am sipping my bourbon. Often, you can find the classic grid-etched whiskey glasses. However, your dad may be looking for a set of more modern whiskey glasses. These uniquely crafted glasses feel great to hold and look extremely attractive with their unique design. Not to mention, they are dishwasher safe. While I have my fair share of high-end, hand-etched, crystal rocks glasses, my favorite bourbon glass to gift are these beautiful, Italian glasses.

Photo by Vince Veras on Unsplash

Custom Whiskey Barrel for Father’s Day

If you want to knock the socks right off your whiskey loving dad, then a custom whiskey for Father’s Day is the way to go. Before you read on, this one is a bit pricey. And by a bit pricey I mean straight up expensive. Starting at the royal price tag of $4,500, you can get your dad a whiskey he will love and surely will never forget. Caskers can help make this happen. With their Private Cask program, Caskers will work with you to get a full custom barrel of whiskey. At that hefty price, you do get several hundred bottles of your custom liquor. You could argue that it evens out–but it would be a lifetime supply.

Like Flaviar above, Caskers also has a whiskey club. But, I tend to like Flaviar’s style a bit better. The whiskey tasting flight boxes from Flaviar truly take the cake.

So, if you’re looking to splurge on a Father’s Day gift this year, go ahead and buy the custom whiskey barrel full of your dad’s favorite spirit. But hurry up, this can take some time.

Getting the Ultimate Gift for the Whiskey Loving Dad

At the end of the day, no matter what you get your dad, he will love it. With Father’s Day right around the corner, it is time to seriously start thinking about what gifts to get your dad. If your dad loves whiskey, these gifts should be a good start. You can’t go wrong with a whiskey subscription. That would be my first option. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

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