Best Clothes to Get Dad for Father’s Day

June 15, 2020

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Ryan Vet

With Father’s Day around the corner, people are frantically trying to figure out what clothes to get dad. For many years the go to clothes to get dad for Father’s Day was a new tie. While there is nothing wrong with the traditional tie, there are so many options to make your dad smile.

Clothing can often be a tricky thing to gift to your father. Some dad’s are super picky and some could care less about new clothing. Whether you are looking for subscriptions boxes or a one-time outfit for your dad, here are some great options.

Stretchy Jeans for the Active Dad

Being a dad is hard work. Your clothes get spit-up on, ripped, stretched out. While fatherhood may be taxing on your wardrobe, it is sure rewarding for your soul. Stretchy pants are not new, but ones that fit well, look good and really stretch are harder to come by. Late last year, I was introduced to Mugsy Jeans. My world was rocked. These stretchy, stylish and uber comfortable jeans are perfect for any guy. If you are looking for the right jeans for Father’s Day, look no further.

Beyond your basic stretchy denim jeans, Mugsy has a line of shorts, swim trunks, blazers and a whole ton more. Whether you’re looking for your standard blues or getting a bit edgy with faded or even white denim jeans that stretch, Mugsy has your back. Plus, I even wore some of their stretchy khakis for a news interview on ABC. You can also spot me wearing Mugsys in my wine education courses.

Mugsy Jeans Coupon Code

Looking for a Mugsy Jeans coupon code for Father’s Day? Look no further! Use the following promo code for $10 off! Plus, if you spend at least $58, you will receive a free belt too!

Coupon Code: MUGSYME10

Clothing Subscription for Father’s Day

I’ve tried a number of subscription clothing boxes for men ranging from Stitch Fix to Trunk Club. For some time, I was a pretty loyal Trunk Club member. In fact, both the shirt and the jacket in the picture with the stretchy khakis were from Trunk Club. However, after reviewing men’s subscription clothing boxes, I must say I most impressed with the brands and pricing of Stately Men.

While none of these clothing subscriptions will steer you wrong for Father’s Day, Stately might be the best way to go.

Stately Men is a subscription clothing box for men that is flat rate. That’s right. For one set price you can get jackets, shirts, pants, shoes, socks and belts.

Best Sock Subscription for Father’s Day Gift

As I mentioned, ties are out. But, sock are in. There are so many subscription sock companies out there right now. If you want fun and off the wall socks, try SockFancy. If you’re looking for modern yet professional socks, try Boardroom Socks. However, my favorite socks on the market right now our Southern Scholar. With the perfect amount of class and fashion, elegance and edge, Southern Scholar leads the way.

Here is what I love about Southern Scholar socks. First of all, if you’re looking for the best sock subscription around you have to find high quality knitwear with high quality designs. Where SockFancy is a bit too playful, Southern Scholar comes in with elegance. Every pair of Southern Scholar socks I’ve had receives so many compliments.

Southern Scholar Sock Coupon Code for Father’s Day

Not only are these my favorite socks, they are running some awesome promo codes for Father’s Day. Check out the Souther Scholar coupon codes below:

  • 10% off order of $60+ with code DAD10
  • 15% off order of $80+ with code DAD15
  • 20% off order of $100+ with code DAD20

Trendy Clothing to Gift for Father’s Day

There are so many epic clothing brands out there. You’ll often catch me wearing Bonobos or Penguin, Ben Sherman or Vineyard Vines. While all of these companies have incredible clothing for men, I must say I am currently loving Grayers.

If you have not yet heard about Grayers, check them out. Founded by Peter and Joanna Georgiou, this brand is extremely innovative and cutting edge. Of course, living in Durham I have their Durham shirt. That said, all of their clothes and jackets for both men and women are a must have. If you’re looking to get that perfect outfit for dad on Father’s Day, Grayers is your one stop shop. They have outfit recommendations, reasonable prices and great options.

Plus, with the Grayers coupon code DADSRULE, you can get another 30% off your order! Check them out today.

All-in-all, dads love to look good. Sure we might sport ragged t-shirts with more holes than swiss cheese, but getting clothes for your dad is always a good idea.

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