The Best Wine GIFs

June 6, 2020

Written By:
Ryan Vet

When you’re working on that epic Instagram Story, finding the best wine GIFs is essential to capturing the attention of your followers.

The team over at Sip’d kept trying to find decent wine GIFs on GIPHY for our posts. After trying for some time, we cape up empty handed. Then, we had an idea. One day on set at Triad, we decided to create our GIF stickers for drinking wine.

Challenges in Creating Wine GIFs

Upon completing a long day of filming for our wine education courses, we decided to use the studio to create some transparent animated GIFs for GIPHY. We switched the set from our Wine 101 Course and prepared the green screen.

We could not understand why no one had created GIFs for drinking wine. Shortly after we began to film on the green screen, we realized why! Trying to green screen a wine glass is a nearly impossible task.

For the next several minutes we tried different poses and actions to create the perfect GIPHY sticker. More than anything we captured laughing and outtakes. But, in the midst of all it, about half a dozen gems were created.

ryan Vet, Celebrity Sommelier
Drink Wine GIPHY

Challenges of Creating Transparent GIFs

The GIPHY app makes it simple for you to create GIPHY Stickers or transparent animated GIFs. The app uses a crude background removal technique to track motion. In some applications this may work. However, trying to create high quality transparent GIPHY stickers needs to be done in a studio.

In most cases, if you you have a green screen, you can easily chroma key out the background of a video. If you an isolated subject on a green screen, it is fairly simple with any professional video editing software. That said, if you if your subject has glasses or you have any clear objects, you will face challenges when trying to create a transparent GIF.

With some creative maneuvering, we were able to cleverly figure out how to create transparent animated GIFs for GIPHY.

Find Wine GIFs on GIPHY

There are many keywords you can use when trying to find a wine GIF on Instagram or on GIPHY keyboard. The best keywords are “drink wine” and “sommelier.” Of course, you can type in “Ryan Vet” or ryancvet As well as #sipd.

Ryan Vet

Thanks for stopping by my blog! A bit about me, I’m an entreprenuer, author
and speaker. This gives me the opportunity to travel the globe. Plus, I get to host a TV series called Sip’d and I’m a Sommelier and wine enthusiast.

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