How To Increase Your Google+ Following

July 22, 2011

Written By:
Ryan Vet

Before I even write this post, I want to preface that increasing your number of followers does not prove anything. Social media is about interaction, not reaction. These 7 tips are to help you grow your Google+ followers as well as to increase interaction and conversation, not to just add to numbers. If you’re looking to merely grow your numbers, stop reading.

Share Relevant Content

Posting relevant content is the single most important thing you can do on any social network. Anything and everything you post should be relevant to those who follow you so if you’re a mommy blogger, don’t be posting articles about fixing cars. The more relevant content you share, the more likely you are to get +1’s on Google+.

Interact with Others

People will care about you if you first show that you care about them. Start interacting and commenting on Plussers (Google+ Users, yes I coined that) posts. Once they see your love towards them, chances are they will follow you. This is one of the fundamental ways to build your social media audience on all social networks.

Broadcast Your Google+ Account

Be sure to update all your social sites to include Google+. Put the Google+ icon on your website, email footer, Twitter or wherever else you have your social media icons displayed. It is also a good idea to announce your Google+ account to your current followers on Twitter, Facebook and any other social networks.

Brand Yourself on Google Plus

Since this social network is so young, you have the opportunity to uniquely brand yourself on Google+. Find your niche and find why people want to listen to what you have to say. Once you start catering to that audience, it is easy to become an authority on Google+.

Who to follow on Google Plus

It is important to follow relevant people in your industry. Start finding prominent figures on Google+ and add them to your circle. See who is giving +1’s, reposting and sharing content from those thought leaders and add those people to your circles. If they are already interacting, the chance they will follow you back and interact with you is higher.

Create Content that is +1 and Reshare Worthy

It is important to know how to create viral content or at least content that has potential to go viral. Look around and see what is getting lots of buzz in your area of expertise. Maybe it is humorous photos, maybe videos or maybe resourceful blog articles. Find out what is popular in your field and start posting. Find out what people like to reshare.  That is a surefire way to boost your Google+ following.

Consistency in Branding

Make sure that you keep your photo on Google+ the same as you have it on Facebook and Twitter. Keeping consistent branding is crucial to having people identify you.


Hopefully these 7 tips are quick and easy ways to increase your Google+ following. Keep in mind how crucial it is to spark interaction on Google+. Interaction speaks louder than the number of followers you have. best of luck as you try and boost the number of  your Google+ followers!

Ryan Vet

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