Queen of Katwe Movie Review – Worth Every Penny – 7 Tips to Save Money at the Movies

September 30, 2016

Written By:
Ryan Vet

queen-katwe-premier-ryan-vetLast night, I had the incredible opportunity to see a preview of Disney’s newest movie, Queen of Katwe (kaht-way). Troy Buder, a friend and business mentor served as the executive producer on this incredible film. My wife and I were honored to be among the first to see this heart-warming true story of a girl from Uganda with a special gift for playing the game of chess.

Queen of Katwe Movie ReviewWhile nearly every film is shot in Studio City, CA or at another location closer to home, Queen of Katwe is Disney’s first film shot entirely on location in Uganda and on location in Russia. Having been to Africa numerous times, I can tell you that I was swept away back to the red dirt streets of Africa through the incredible story-telling and cinematography. I could feel the heat of the afternoons, smell the aromas of the spices and the distinct muskiness of the streets of Africa. The actors, all African, add so much validity to the story.

Without spoiling the movie, Phiona Mutesi, an uneducated, unkept 10-year-old girl from the slums of Uganda had an impressive gift for the game of chess. Unlike most Hollywood movies, this movie is so raw and real. The culture of Uganda shines through. The clothing, setting, musics, dialect, snapping (you’ll see what I mean), scripting, dancing and music was authentic through and through. The real life hardships, the feeling of hope, the hard knocks of the impoverished, the picture of redemption could not have been depicted more accurately. To do it better justice, check out the trailer here.

You absolutely need to go to see the Queen of Katwe today! Find times at a theater near you!

7 Tips to Save Money at the Movies

Since this is a blog on personal finance, I do need to throw out some money-saving advice. So here are my top 7 tips to save money at the movies.

  1. queen-katwe-reviewGo in the Afternoon. Often times, you will find lower-priced matinee tickets at a theater.
  2. Buy Tickets at the Box Office. Buying tickets online is almost always more expensive. Not only are the prices higher, there are often hidden fees. Just go to the box office and buy your tickets in person.
  3. Eat Before the Movie. Whatever you do, don’t bring your own food or snacks into a movie. It is tacky and unethical. Eat beforehand so you’re not hungry. That buttery popcorn smell will get you every time.
  4. Share with a Friend. If you don’t have enough self-control to resist that buttery popcorn smell, share with a friend and split the cost. You both don’t need your own jumbo popcorn bucket.
  5. Look for Coupons. Seems obvious, but you would be surprised. Groupon often has specials. In addition, you may want to take a look at your local Entertainment or coupon book. That popcorn could be free with the purchase of two tickets.
  6. Bring your ID. If you are a current student, active military, senior citizen or under 12, you may be eligible for additional discounts. If you have an old ID, do not use it. Again, be ethical. Saving money is great, but integrity is better.
  7. Sign up for Loyalty Programs. Most theaters have loyalty programs. If this is the case, make sure you grab that punch card!

Now that you have a few ways to save pinch your pennies, tap into this month’s unused entertainment budget and head out to the movies to see Queen of Katwe. You will not regret it!

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