How to Measure True Reach

September 15, 2011

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Ryan Vet

A key factor to the success of your social media influence is your true reach. You may be familiar with the term but may be unsure of its meaning.  In this article we are going to break down how to measure true reach in social media.

What is True Reach?

The term “true reach” was made popular by Klout and refers to your social media presence and the measurement of how many people you can effectively reach and influence.

True reach is an extremely important measurement that all social media marketers should take into account. Your true reach measures how many total people you influence. Let’s say you have 300 followers, you may only reach 100 of those followers. Identifying your true reach number will help you to figure out your true social influence.

How to Measure Your True Reach

There are a couple factors that go into measuring your true reach:

  • Don’t count the bots: There are hundreds of thousands of bots on Twitter that have been created for various reasons. When calculating your true reach, don’t count these bots or inactive accounts. Why? Well, because you can’t really influence a computer.
  • Who is listening: Those who are actively online while you’re posting and see your content are very important figures to consider in your true reach number. If you have 100 followers and only 20 of them are online while you are tweeting, then you are really only influencing those 20 because the other 80 don’t hear your message.
  • Focus on the engaged users: Another important factor to consider is to those who are actively engaged in what you have to say. Those who retweet you and those who reply or interact with you on a regular basis are your most engaged users. A quick way to boost your engagement level is to learn how to get retweeted.
As you try to build up your social media influence, be sure that you are working hard to boost your true reach. Using those metrics above, you can figure out what you need to do to increase your true reach numbers. Be sure to check out Klout to view your true reach score!
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