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Tweet Scheduling Service – BufferApp Review

I am always on the lookout for apps that will help increase your effectiveness on various social media platforms. Recently, BufferApp, a tweet scheduling service caught my attention. Previously I shared three tools to maximizing effectiveness on Twitter, one of which was an app called Timely. Though I’ve religiously used Timely for quite a while, there have been some serious features lacking to making it an effective service for scheduling tweets. And along comes BufferApp.

Tweet Scheduling Features in BufferApp

  • You can easily adjust tweet times
  • You can add photos to your Buffer feed which is also a huge plus.
  • Buffer can be linked with Tweriod to provide accurate times for tweeting.
  • You can connect your Bit.ly account for URL Shortening
  • You can rearrange the order of your tweets with a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Buffer comes with tons of third party extensions including ifttt, Social Bro, Tweriod, Strawberryj.am, and more!
  • Great analytics with reach, clicks and reaction data.
  • You can add team members (for a small fee)
  • At the most basic level, BufferApp lets you schedule up to 10 tweets for free.

Overall, I highly recommend that you try out BufferApp for free today!

Sprout Social Logo

Sprout Social – An Additional Review

Earlier this week, you may have read my review of Sprout Social on the Ignite Social Media blog. Hopefully that post sums up all the features and benefits of the application.

Since that was for Ignite, I had to be a bit professional and diplomatic, but on my blog I can say whatever I want. So my total honest opinion of Sprout Social is that they simply rock! Their software is innovative and easy to use, they have great features and they are lightyears ahead of competitors in the same price range. The team there is awesome too. I talked to several different people at Sprout Social from sales to marketing to programming. All of them were extremely friendly and they responded to all emails and phone calls quickly. They even sent me an awesome t-shirt (pictured right)!

Who Should Use Sprout Social?

Sprout Social - Social Media Tools for Business

Any and every brand that is looking for an inexpensive solution that can offer everything (and more) than some of the more expensive  social media management tools.

I have already recommended the software during talks and during consulting sessions with people. If you know me at all I don’t recommend anything this highly unless they truly can show outstanding customer service and if the product is truly that impressive. Kudos to the team at Sprout Social! Be sure to sign up for a risk-free (no credit card) 30-day free trial. You won’t regret it. I’d love to hear your thoughts and your wonderful experience with Sprout Social!


Disclaimer: Sprout Social Link is an affiliate link.