4 New Facebook Features for Marketers

In the past couple days, Facebook has been rolling out some major improvements that will play a role in helping out marketers that are trying to figure out Facebook marketing.

How to Facebook Merge Pages

Do you have a Fan Page where you try to drive all of the people from your store to, but you are not seeing the growth you had hoped? The reason may be simple. There could be several Facebook Pages or Places that have your same name. Now, through a series of steps, you can login as the Page Admin, click on Edit Page > Resources > Merge Pages! It is that easy. You will be taken through a couple steps to verify ownership.

The one downside is that both Pages must be under your control to merge them at this point in time. If you have the issue of someone stealing your identity, you may report their Page for copyright infringement.

“I’m Expecting” Facebook Feature

I’m currently working with a company that specializes in baby gifts. Every month, they spend a small amount on Facebook Ads specifically marketing to new mothers. Several months ago, Facebook released the Broad Category Targeting feature that allows advertisers to select broader demographic information including Family Status which was a huge boost for this campaign. Now Facebook has released the “I’m Expecting” feature. With this “I’m Expecting” feature, moms who have recently become pregnant can update their Facebook to help keep their friends up to date about their due date and the status of their baby. This feature is just another tool advertisers on Facebook can use to help narrow down their target market. Facebook will use this information to further help define Family Status in Facebook Ads.

Facebook Deals – What are they?

If you are trying to launch a mobile marketing campaign, Facebook Deals is definitely worth checking out. Facebook Deals has two parts. The first is similar to Groupon where they offer daily specials to places like restaurants, country clubs, spas, etc. Currently, this portion of Facebook Deals is only available in some cities including Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, and San Francisco.

The second component of Facebook Deals is similar to the check-in Special feature on foursquare. When you go to a location running a deal promotion, you can check-in on your smartphone and receive a discount. If you own a brick and mortar location and you are on Facebook, you should strongly consider marketing on Facebook Deals.

Trending Topics on Facebook

We’ve seen Trending Topics on Twitter, now Facebook has decided to implementing its own version. Now you can see what’s trending on Facebook right in your News Feed. Facebook has figured out how see what your friends are talking about even if they are not tagging anyone or anything. For example, The picture on the left shows 4 people talking about a Kenny Chesney concert. As you can see, not a single person tagged “Kenny Chesney” they were merely just talking about him. However, Facebook pulls that information in, links it to a Fan Page and then drops it in your News Feed so you can find out what is trending on Facebook.

Facebook marketers can use this to their advantage. They no longer have to beg people to tag their brands in their statuses. Now they just have to get people to talk about their brands on their friends walls, in photos or in statuses and Facebook does the rest!