Page Speed Effects SEO

Page Speed Effects Search Rankings

How fast does your page load? Under 1 second, under 5 seconds? The speed of your page can effect where your page will rank in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!. Visit Google’s Page Speed Analyzer and figure out how you’re doing. If they give you the “green light” for page speed, great! If not, use some of their suggestions for improvement. Here are some quick things to look for that might be slowing down your page:Page Speed Effects SEO

  • Images: Make sure your images are sized correctly and download quickly. Compressing images and saving the properly is crucial.
  • Flash Content: Flash content is quickly becoming less popular and is being replaced by HTML5. If you must have Flash on your site, make sure it is minimal and loads very quickly.
  • Optimize Code: Whether it’s simple HTML, JavaScript or CSS, make sure you have the code simplified with all unneeded lines and strings of code deleted. Every character slows down the page speed slightly and they can add up very quickly.

There  you have it! A couple quick tips for SEO.