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A Summer of Nothingness turned into Somethingness

Typically I don’t post personal stuff up on the blog, but since there has been a shortage of posts, I thought you should know what I’ve been up to.

This summer I created a lofty goal for myself… my goal was to doing nothing. Now, nothing in my world means do something, but usually nothingness means an unorganized something but leaving room for freedom and adventure. Have I lost you yet? 🙂 My ideas for this summer included coffee at Starbucks everyday, seeing people I hadn’t seen forever, creating new content for my blog, developing new business strategies for my clients, going hiking, camping, kayaking and getting a couple speaking gigs on leadership and social media.

So what happened? Well, change of plans. I was offered a position at Ignite Social Media in Cary, NC. Honestly, I’ve been a fan of this agency for quite some time. They are leaders in the social media world handling clients like Bing and Nike, SamsungIntel and many more. Skeptical and unwilling to sacrifice my summer plans of nothingness to do something organized, I went in for the interview and guess what, I loved it. They seemed like an awesome company to work with so I caved in.

Last week, I started working with Ignite Social Media. I threw my summer plans of doing nothing right out the window, but you know what, I can already tell this is going to be an awesome experience for me. The people here are great, the experiences I’ve had so far are incredible, and I’ve only been here two weeks and they’re letting me have next week off!

You might be wondering what I’m doing with that week off? Well, my brother and I will be going on another summer adventure and road trip starting in just a few hours! So stay tuned for some fun videos and photos that will be going up on my travel blog shortly.

So, while you’re waiting for me to generate some new content for this blog, go check out Ignite Social Media’s website and follow their social media blog! You might see a post or two from me in the very near future.