When is the Moment Right to Make a Right Decision

The Right Decision“I am just going to wait for the right moment.” Sound familiar? So many of us often have the tendency to wait for the right moment to take certain steps in our lives. Maybe you are waiting for the right moment to tell your friends and family about a huge life choice or maybe you are waiting for the right moment to pull out that expensive bottle of wine. Maybe you are contemplating choosing a school, whether to ask the girl out, when to get married or when to have kids. Whatever it is, we seem to have this mental block preventing us to do something because we are afraid the moment is not right.

In fact, we often say that we are just going to wait for the right moment as an excuse because we are afraid or we are not sure if the decision we are about to make is actually the right decision. So, what the “right” moment boils down to is really a question of, “Am I making the right choice?”

Making The Right Choice

There is rarely a preverbal “right moment,” instead there are right choices. Now don’t get me wrong, some choices and decisions are critical and timing is everything, but when you are making a right decision, your timing will be well thought out and appropriate. Below are some pointers on making the right choice:

  1. Seek Out Advice: The single most important thing you can do when trying to make a wise decision is seek out advice. There is nothing better than asking someone you respect for their opinion. This not only give you a fresh perspective, but it also shows you are teachable and willing to learn.
  2. Weigh out the Implications: Ever decision has side effects, both good and bad. Carefully analyze the pros and cons of your decision. Don’t just make a list and then decide. Make a list and add to it over the course of a week, let it sit for a day or two and then carefully examine your options.
  3. Does Timing Actually Matter: Ask yourself if timing is actually an important factor. If you are waiting to make a decision, try and figure out what elements of that decision are holding you back from making that decision right now. Often times, you will be surprised to find that you don’t really have a legitimate reason for waiting, if you’re being honest with yourself.

Next time you are faced with deciding whether or not the timing is right to make a decision, as yourself if you are making the right decision altogether.