Plan Your Calls

I recently made a phone call that was fairly important. I was bracing myself for an interactive phone conversation. In my mind, I envisioned that it would start with casual greetings, the friendly “How was your weekend?” and so on, even though the subject matter of the call was strictly business. I knew the gist of what I was going to say, but I wanted to ease my way into it… Well, what I did not expect was that I was going to have to leave a voicemail. As the phone kept ringing, I knew my time to plan a thoughtful, succinct but powerful voicemail was lessening. I heard the unmistakable “beep” and I started to leave my message.

After leaving the voicemail, I sat in my seat at Starbucks and shook my head thinking about how foolish the voicemail sounded. That was when I realized how important it is to script your calls.

Telemarketers and support centers use this scripted approach. In no way am I suggesting that we script calls in that manner. Instead, I am referring to the idea of being prepared for multiple scenarios. What if the administrative assistant answers? What if the person I am calling answers, but doesn’t have time for a lengthy phone conversation? What if I get sent to voicemail?

Being prepared for different situations will make you come across as a person has your ducks in a row. In doing this, not only are you making yourself look better, you are more relaxed and will be more like your natural self on the call. And of course, always smile, you can hear a smile over the phone.