Creating an Innovative Culture

There is nothing worse than a work environment that is just plain stale. I mean, the trash lingering from last year’s state fair seems more pleasing than that old, routine, boring, mundane, stagnant atmosphere that you call “work.”

Be a change agent. Spur on change within your office. Try this: have your teammates and co-workers scour the web for the best of the best in your industry. Have them come up with three new innovative ways of doing the mundane instead of souring away doing the same-old, same-old. For instance, if you design billboards, go drive throughout the city and take pictures of the most creative billboards and then figure out why they are innovative. If you own a restaurant, go check out what is making people line up outside of the food truck down the street. These random exercises in innovation inspiration can liven up your workplace. More importantly, it can raise the bar to a whole new level.