Overcoming Change-Blockers

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You’re innovating, moving 1000 mph. You try to get your plans into action and all of a sudden you run straight into a wall. Your idea has made it through several levels of refinements and climbed tiers of corporate politics only to get the “cease and desist” command from one of the high-ups that is afraid of change. You’ve hit a change-blocker. One of those people who no matter what you say or do is just going to say “no” to all new ideas. What do you do?

Humility is truly the best answer. Have an intentional conversation with your change-blocker. Sit down and respectfully ask why he/she is unwilling to authorize, accept or implement your new ideas and innovations. These moments of pure, honest conversation are some of the most educational lessons for all parties involved. Use the obstacle as a growing opportunity. Maybe for you, maybe for the change-blocker.